Charlotte runs Yabbit, a low-key server and web site creation service optimised for efficiency and first hand support. Having dabbled and immersed in various technologies, most especially Adobe, since the mid-90’s., Charlotte's special interests lie in animation, video and graphics.

Always in need of a website for one thing or other it all began with html/css, then cms (content management system, preferring the drupal framework from other systems such as wordpress and joomla) and eventually installing and running a VPS (virtual private server). However, over time it was discovered sticking to the basics of plain html tended to not only be more web friendly but also much easier to save, run and keep track of.

There are many ways to get online and depending on your skills, cheaper and more efficient, but usually a person must step through a labyrinth of many options before they arrive at a place they call home. Invariably, that home will change with technologies and companies coming and going. So the most important thing Yabbit can offer is transparency of pricing and duties, as well as the ability to save your site to your own storage device for future development.

So if you are an individual or small business requiring set up of an html/css responsive site and want above all your site to be easily found on the web, fast to load and under your control- give Yabbit a go.